Your Family, Your Clients, Your Industry, and the World at Large NEED You Now More Than Ever to Show Up as the Best Version of Yourself 

To Master your Mind and Body, and Achieve Your Highest Goals and Greatest Aspirations, You Need to Optimize your Energy, for Health and Performance by living a balanced lifestyle—with abundant energy and without exhaustion or chronic depletion.

"It's like a 20 year shortcut!"

Your Family, Your Clients, Your Industry, and the World at Large NEED You Now More Than Ever to Show Up as the Best Version of Yourself 

To Master your Mind and Body, and Achieve Your Ambitious Goals, You Need to Optimize your Energy and Health, for Performance

"It's like a 20 year shortcut!"

Get Free of What's NOT Supporting You

Recapture the zest and zeal 
you use to have    

Improve Every Aspect of
Your Lifestyle   

Welcome to Performance Lifestyle® Academy

the Ultimate Personal Energy and Lifestyle Optimization System Designed to help you:

  • Manage Your Energy Like a Pro
  • Adopt the Performance Lifestyle mindset to Ignite Greatness
  • Achieve Even Your Most Ambitious Goals While Living in Balance with Vibrant Health and Peace of Mind

Your Life Time is Ticking, Don't Live Another Day Less Than You Are Capable Of. 

“If you want to invest in your body, in your health, in your longevity, in your sanity, in your joy, and your career, the first place I'd send you is to Performance Lifestyle Academy. It's the foundation for every other improvement you could ever hope to make."
Howard Jacobsen Ph.D.
Co-Author, Whole—Rethinking the Science of Nutrition.

Welcome to Performance Lifestyle® Academy

the Ultimate Personal Energy and Lifestyle Optimization System Designed to help you:

  • Manage Your Energy Like a Pro
  • Adopt the Performance Lifestyle mindset to Ignite Greatness
  • Achieve Even Your Most Ambitious Goals While Living in Balance with Vibrant Health and Peace of Mind

Your Life Time is Ticking, Don't Live Another Day Less Than You Are Capable Of. 

Unlock Your God-Given Purpose and Start Living Your Full Potential by Managing Your Energy Like a Pro in a Performance Lifestyle 

61% of Americans Are Having Sleepless Nights
73% of American's Wake Up Worrying.
35% Are Dealing with Excessive Stress.

If You are Attempting to Crush Your Big Goals, but Feeling the Crush of Excess Stress, Overwhelm and Constant Tiredness, then Listen Up...

Chances are you've bought lock, stock and barrel into the cultural performance addiction that is depleting your energy, and distracting you from your purpose.  

Far too many entrepreneurs and driven business professionals are doing it backwards... thinking they'll achieve their goals to live a "better lifestyle," when they need a better lifestyle to achieve their goals!

You tell yourself, perhaps out of fear, you won't fulfill your potential; that once you have even more success in your business, you'll take better care of yourself and your body, but it's a recipe for drained energy, diminished health and performance, that can derail or the success you desire.

Are you struggling, and looking for solutions to go from good to adopt better and become great?

If you're like most people you know you can be and do so much more, and that you're beyond capable of achieving greatness in every AREA of your life. 

But there's a reason you can't quite put your finger on that's distracting and holding you back from living your full potential and fulfilling your aspirations.

You don't have the energy like you used to and don't know how to get it back

You feel frustrated and it's affecting your clarity about your purpose, goals, or next steps...

You've got brain fog, and the past is clouding your future outlook.

You're exercising and think you're eating "healthy," yet you've still got that energy depletion 

You've got so much going on at times it feels like you're barely hanging on.

You're tired of going from one program to another, still nowhere close to solving your actual problem

If Any of That Is True for You, Then It's Time to Set Yourself Up for the Second Tier of Success in the Next Phase of Your Life and Save Up to 20 Years or More.

YOU'VE GOT A LOT GOING ON IN LIFE. Not just the crush of day-to-day busy-ness that we all experience. You're up to big things with your work, your purpose, your creativity. You're committed to greatness. And you need to perform at your very best to be up to the task.

You don't just want to be successful—you want to be vital and healthy— and you don't want to sacrifice one for the other.

And yet, that seems to be exactly what's happening.

You drive hard to meet your goals. You're running as fast as you can to keep up with your life. But it never seems to be enough.

Maybe you're making some headway in your work—but constantly feel like your health and energy are losing ground in the constant push.

If you manage to make a few healthy changes, they never seem to stick—or be enough to really lift you out of the energy debt that makes your many commitments a constant struggle.
And the values and purpose most important to you constantly get shortchanged—because you just don't have the clarity and horsepower to sustain your progress.

You're not alone.

There's an absolutely critical reason your efforts to stay energetic, healthy and fit, and meet your life goals don't ever seem to "jell." 

And most of the world is missing it completely.

All of our diets, fitness plans, health-care interventions, and personal-growth/success programs aren't nailing the core issue.

But the good news is there's a vital shift you can make that will connect the achievement of your highest goals with your health and well-being—and feed them both—for a balanced, fully-engaged, and vibrantly healthy life.

This is a mindset shift so radical and powerful, it can transform your physical and mental performance—to resolve every obstacle that stands in the way of your ultimate goals.

The result is a comprehensive, integrated, flourishing lifestyle that thoroughly supports your biggest aspirations—without sacrificing radiant health.

It's called the "Performance Lifestyle" and it's at the heart of what it takes to live in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind, in the high-performance culture we live today. 

It works because it heals the chronic and painful disconnects between energy, health and success that plagues almost every achiever today.

Solidly and completely, it lays down for you the crucial foundation that other approaches have never fully covered—and bridges the gaps that can keep you chasing your tail in frustration and exhaustion.

Download the FREE ebook Set Yourself Up for the "Second Tier" of Success Here and get on the path to living the high performance lifestyle you are capable of. 
There are 5 Core Essentials of Human Performance©; one of which is developing a Performance Lifestyle. When you put all five essentials in play, you'll be living a high performance lifestyle like other healthy, high-achieving people who thrive. 


It’s an optimal lifestyle that works for you, not against you, supports and serves you and no longer distracts and holds you back from living your best life, even if you’ve already achieved some of your biggest goals and are a financial success.

They include the principles and practices that address how you regenerate your life force energy, eat a whole-foods nutrient-rich diet, activate and strengthen your body, tell a real but optimistic narrative about your life, own your schedule and both streamline and simplify the way you live…

… all in the process of acting on what’s driving you, with a clear intention, direction and a strategy, expanded awareness and the development to know what game you're playing and how to play it well, with the support of a team that engages and serves others like never before in your life!

People who resoundingly and dramatically succeed in life—and yet maintain vibrant health and well-being while doing it—know and live by all of The 5 Core Essentials of Human Performance— and that starts by developing a Performance Lifestyle.

Either naturally or through training, healthy high-achieving people who thrive have built in these crucial practices and perspectives.

They live what has proven elusive for most would-be achievers: a balanced, fully engaged lifestyle, regardless of how ambitious their goals, with a fully alive existence and grace as their new normal.

They’re optimized in every as aspect of the way they live for performance—with flow, proper recovery, and miraculously low stress in the face of any and all of their challenges—and as a result look and feel better than most.

They live to take advantage of and express their capacities and gifts.

SADly though, According to WebMD only 3% live a healthy lifestyle. But even more startling is this; less than 1 percent of the population has yet reached this “holy grail” of dynamic, and wholistic health and success.

But with the right information, guidance, and context, and simple commitment, you can do it too when you start living a performance lifestyle you can call your own—365 days a year.

Not for 30 days, 8 weeks or three months, but all year round as you turn the theory of how healthy, high achieving people live into practice, and practice into mastery…

When you do, you’ll no longer be the ‘potentialite’ thinking and dreaming about what’s possible, the ‘striver’ who’s going for it but never really gets there, or the ‘overcommitted underachiever’ who has so much going on they’re barely hanging on. 

You'll also go beyond being the ‘high achiever” who’s actually achieving their goals but is ambivalent to various aspects of their energy, health and performance, that negatively impacts their quality of life and longevity.

Performance Lifestyle is the antidote to the SAD—the Standard American Dream, where you focus so much on your financial success, you forget to take care of yourself, your body and your quality of life.

For you, that can change now. It does not matter if you are into sports like an athlete, or even a fitness enthusiast. You can live, your life, like a pro, no matter who you are or what you do.

All you need is the desire to live your best life (no matter where you are right now or what your circumstances), and the wanting and willingness optimize each aspect of your lifestyle step by step. 

You'll resolve your hidden lifestyle challenges, evolve with the new lifestyle mindset and skillset and learn how you'll achieve even your most ambitious goals while living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind.

None of that is utopian, it’s just balanced living, where you learn what to do and why, how to do it and when at the right level, intensity and consistency for you, to get from where you are to where you want to go

The better you live, the faster you can achieve your goals.

You don't have to settle for being part of the 99%

"Performance Lifestyle" is brilliant! It's more than “just get 8 hours of sleep;” this approach is how you power your life." —James Maas Ph.D. Author of "PowerSleep" and "SOARing to Success" Professor of Psychology Cornell University

Do You Want to Show Up As the Absolute Best Version of You and Live Your Full Potential?

Start living your life, like an athlete approaches theirs—no matter who you are or what you do—and watch your energy soar and your success skyrocket. 

You do not need to be into sports or even a fitness enthusiast.

The health industries, the fitness industries, even the personal growth and personal success fields—each give you only a nearsighted, partial view of the lifestyle I’m talking about.

And your health, your success—your life itself—can fall unwittingly into the gaps that can leave you ungrounded, fragmented, and flying half-blind, trying to play a game that you’ve never fully figured out.

If you don’t know what game you’re playing, and the central role your lifestyle is playing in won’t train for it properly or be fully motivated.

And your lifestyle won’t support goals.

On the other hand,...

When your entire lifestyle is oriented around your performance—and you treat yourself as worthy of that performance mentality—incredible change happens.

Lifestyle means a lot of things to a lot of people. Traditionally, it might refer to what you can afford, what you wear, what you eat, what your house is like, who your friends are, your activities and hobbies, and many other preferences.

But a Performance Lifestyle is another lifestyle approach entirely.

It wholly addresses every aspect of your lifestyle, starting with, but not limited to, how you manage your energy, including the quality of the food you eat and your activity levels—all in service of your goals and your well-being.

And in turn, your well-being beautifully and resoundingly serves your goals.


Historically, there’s only been one subset of the population who have learned to apply the power of lifestyle to their specialized, high-level goals—while nurturing superior levels of physical energy, health and performance.

That population segment is athletes—and while many athletes rely on raw talent, youth and their strengths, elite athletes have something that most of us don’t.
It’s not just talent. It’s not just skill. It’s not even just training.

It’s alignment between how their life is structured, their lifestyle and their goals that in every possible way supports their talent, their skill and their training—and their greatest achievements.

Elite athletes can’t let any aspect of their lifestyle get in the way of their goals. In fact, every aspect has to support and contribute to their aspirations.

Truly successful athletes live every aspect of their lives in a seamless integration with their goals. They’re utterly immersed in everything that cares for and feeds their performance—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

They live like that. They live for that.

They don’t isolate their self-care and their life practices from their intentions and achievements—like so many of us do. They link their lifestyle to their achievements—which enables them to perform at astonishing levels.

Every day, they optimize and make choices that support, nourish, and honor whatever prize they have their eyes on.

And ideally—if they’re doing it right—they can go all out, without burning themselves out.
Now, while even elite athletes aren't perfect, far from it and "human" like the rest of us; they are the only population that consistently functions with this performance lifestyle mindset.

As a result, they look and feel way better than most of us.
The world of athleticism is where the performance lifestyle idea was born—but athletes aren't the only ones who can live with this lifestyle approach based on cultivating energy and health for higher performance and achieving their goals with an amazing quality of life.

The fantastic thing is that, applied wholeheartedly and effectively, you can transform your your whole life

Performance Lifestyle® Academy delivers
 The Ultimate Personal Energy and Lifestyle Optimization System.




Demonstrated to work in any environment: good and less-than-good.


A process that is simple to implement,  even if it requires effort


By like-minded people interested in results and transformation


Able to withstand the ups & downs of your present situation.

After years of research and testing, I along with a world class advisory team have evolved the-never-before assembled formula for managing your energy, "like a pro," so you've got the energy to  achieve your ambitious goals, and with your wellbeing intact.

As a Member of the Performance Lifestyle® Academy You'll:

  • Master the seven breakthrough energy discoveries—so you can harness your vital energy to thrive.
  • ​Make the single most significant lifestyle change that all other lifestyle changes, improvements, and optimizations depend on—getting grounded in your true potential.
  • ​​​Free yourself from the constant tiredness, exhaustion, and potential fatigue that's been holding you back as you transition from stimulants to the renewable source of personal power.
  • ​Bridge the gap between health and success, by Immersing yourself in the coherent lifestyle principles, practices, and strategies that are based on the fundamentals and cutting-edge science of high performance living.
  • Deeply integrate the 11 prerequisite routines for whole-life performance— so you actually can live a life that is balanced, healthy, and fully engaged.
  • ​Apply the 12 essential lifestyle skills healthy, high achieving people know and live by to maintain vibrant health for increased performance.
  • ​End bouts of tired and negative thinking and turn trouble spots into meaningful solutions with ease and vitality.
  • ​Develop the lifestyle mindset and a skill set that provides the energy, health, and performance you need to succeed at the level you want, with predictable precision.
  • ​Minimize distractions and free up more energy and time to focus on your goals while living more of the life you've imagined.
  • ​Achieve the ambitious goals you've got, with the balanced, high performance lifestyle that delivers.
This program changed my mind and redirected my focus in such a substantial way, it’s hard to encapsulate my experience! Foremost, to help me see how energy—its management and restoration—enables me to live my purpose and vision, WOW! Before I began I was beyond exhausted. I had little energy for anything but an increasingly sedentary work and lifestyle. Today I have more energy than I’ve had in years. And I get it doing things that are so simple and so easy to integrate into daily living. This program did not disappoint me. It blew my mind, and then it gave me back my life. It’s been amongst the very best investments I’ve ever made. Life will never be the same again, nor will I. In anticipation of great things…”

Lissa Bergen Boles
Radio Talk Show Host 

The Evolution of my journey to Managing My Energy Like a Pro in a Performance Lifestyle

Hi, I'm John Allen Mollenhauer. My Friends Call me John Allen or by My Initials "JAM" and I Hope You Will Too. 
Today, we've got access to more information and opportunity than ever before in human history. It seems like we can achieve our goals faster than ever before too. But there's a dilemma, the busier we get the less time we have to take care of ourselves, out bodies and our lives. 

I know what it feels like to struggle with an ambition that outpaces your capacity to keep up. From early on, I was a driven person, yet at an early age, I began suffering from a low-grade, intensifying fatigue that clouded my life, even when things were going well.

I was attempting to crush it but was also getting crushed by excessive stress and a tiredness that compounded over time. Essential areas of my life seemed to be on permanent hold as my own needs weren’t getting met meanwhile I focused even more on my success. And the mounting fatigue took its toll on my life experience and relationships, my health, performance, and well-being.

On the outside, I kept the game face on, but on the inside things were not as they seemed, and I needed to do something about it. I grew to know the answer was not one thing, but rather a new lifestyle-based approach to how I achieved my goals and the quality of success I wanted.

Today, as an entrepreneur and a family man, I’m the founder of Performance Lifestyle Coach, and this Academy, along with burgeoning chain of energy recovery centers focused on helping people restore their energy for life. 

I train and coach entrepreneurs, business professionals and executives, many of whom are also working parents, on a lifestyle-based performance system so they can achieve even their most ambitious goals  without burning out or trading your health for success.

Over 20 years, on the path of optimizing my lifestyle for energy, health and performance and with the help of a world-class team; I defined what it actually means and what it really takes to live a performance lifestyle and a high-performance lifestyle. 

And now, I can save you up to 20 years or more of your time, energy and money. Just give learning how to manage your energy like a pro, a minimum of a 8-week commitment, and before you know it you'll be committed for the full 12 months, and the rest of your life. 

It’s simplified, but no easy feat at first; it’s not something you accomplish in thirty days and your done, it's an ongoing process, but you are going to get great at it. 

I'm no superhero. I'm forever on the path myself, as I constantly liver better and better; but it is now simplified, into 30 day segments you can dial-in, in 12 months to transform into the healthiest, best performing, most successfully energized and productive person you can possibly imagine - unlike anything you've ever experienced before...

Master it, and you will be well on your way to becoming the healthy, high achieving person who thrives, living a high-performance lifestyle. 

Why Listen to Me? 

I'm not a former "elite athlete," or "celebrity trainer," turned "celebrity coach," though I do have a pretty powerful book written with a Harvard Psychologist and a Superbowl MVP that can change your life for the better forever. 

I'm an in-the-game entrepreneur, who too, faces the intense challenges of entrepreneurial life. I just realized that there had to be a better way to lead an ambitious life. I found it, and developed it and I want to teach it to you! 

I know what it feels like to struggle with a strong desire to achieve something requiring determination and hard work that, at times, outpaces your energy and other capacities to keep up, and what it's like to get derailed because of that and chase so-called solutions that never solve your real problem. 

So if you want to recapture the zest And zeal you used to feel, I will help you manage your energy  like a pro in a Performance Lifestyle you can call your own. 

Performance Lifestyle Academy will set you up for the next, new, kind of success you've been wanting. 

"John Allen Mollenhauer has the experience to coach you back to a healthy high performing person. —Joel Fuhrman MD. Author, "Eat to Live" Eat for Health Founder, DrFuhrman Online

What's the Core Problem The Academy Solves?

THE PROBLEM IS, as everyday folks—even if we’re really up to phenomenal things in our work and in the world—we tend not to see ourselves as elite anything.

We see ourselves as “mere mortals,” not pros requiring the care and alignment that elite athletes would.

Instead of viewing ourselves as a sort of Olympic star in our own world, needing to be tended to like someone preparing for revered athletic events, we see ourselves as... “just us.”

Sure, we’ve got a ton on our plates, and big ideas and plans. And we push as hard as we can to fulfill them.

And we try to cram a little of what we learn from the latest health or fitness headlines into our weekly regimens. Maybe we do some heroic bouts of dieting and exercise too, to deal with the symptoms of our harried lives.

But because we’re so exhausted, fragmented, and distracted—and our lifestyles are supporting us in a host of vital ways—we end up jogging in place. Or worse, falling backwards.

And besides, no amount of “trying to get ourselves” to eat right, exercise, or rest—divorced from a powerful sense of purpose, self-worth and our life goals—really creates significant and lasting change.

Who’s EVER been motivated to improve a habit or take on a new practice just because we “should?”

Pretty much no one.

It’s like asking a pro athlete to train for...nothing in particular.

Right there you have the deeply frustrating and costly source of coming up short, for so many well-meaning would-be high achievers…

...and the downfall of just about every “program” that ever tried to help them live a healthy or successful life.

You’re not coming from the mindset of a person who is living to perform.

And with that pivotal mistake, that destructive disconnect...

...we relegate ourselves to a life of running to keep up with our demands, goals, and dreams—while attempting to WEDGE health and “wellbeing” into the race, haphazardly and ineffectually.

Instead of a whole lifestyle that supports you—and what you’re up to—you’re driving yourself into the ground and that wellbeing… well, it’s fleeting.

You’re overstimulated and under-recuperated.
You’re overfed, but often undernourished.
You struggle with overwhelm, fatigue, exhaustion, and stress.

You have no pre-season, no peak season, and no post-season. You just have a relentless, endless stream of competing demands.

This is the predicament almost everybody’s in today in our first-world, professional environment.

It’s a hidden downward spiral that most of us are working at staying out of, whether we know it or not. And many of us are failing miserably.

Fatigue and health complications are all too predictable in this disaster scene that passes for a “lifestyle” in our society today.

And our health/fitness industries are treating superficial symptoms—with impotent solutions that don’t address the causes, while making goals out of aspects of your lifestyle that aren’t even real goals!

Do you really want to spend the next 20 years, or more, just learning how to sleep, eat and exercise, when there is so much more to the way you live? Probably not.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if you could see yourself as the star athlete of your one precious life...and more importantly, live like that, consistently?

What if you truly treated yourself as if the game you're playing in life is at least as vital and compelling as any famous athlete’s game or sport?

What if you believed this so absolutely that you resolutely cared for your spirit, your mind and body and your whole life in accordance with that truth?

What if you were naturally inspired and motivated to feed, fuel nurture, rest, and train every part of you to support your everyday game?

AND, what if you were superbly educated to know exactly how to manage your energy so you can optimize every aspect of your lifestyle, to literally “live” your full potential?

You’d be living a Performance Lifestyle.

You’d up-level everything and challenge yourself, without the struggle.

And you’d be achieving even your most ambitious goals while living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind.


Imagine the next 20 years aren't spent jumping from one solution to another trying to figure it out all by yourself, only to find you are nowhere near where you wanted to be because you got derailed. 

What if there was a lifestyle approach that bridged the gap between taking care of you, your body, and quality life and achieving your ambitious goals? 

What if there was a way to connect the dots and learn how to live a high-performance lifestyle?

There is... It's Called the Performance Lifestyle® Academy.
It's Like a 20-Year Short Cut. 

Over the past 20 years, amidst an unmanageable life that left me overexerting almost all the time, I discovered The 5 Lifestyle Strategies Healthy High Achieving People Know and Live By

Out of these strategies I created the Performance Lifestyle® Academy as a single place where entrepreneurs and business professionals like you could "connect the dots" and take the strategies from theory to practice to mastery. 

I'm talking about learning the lifestyle mindset, all the essential skillsets, habits, routines and rituals throughout the year that support you and what you are up to in the world. 
This 31-Module Personal Energy and Lifestyle Optimization System is delivered to you through implementation guides, master-classes, weekly action plans and daily routines to keep you living your full potential and focused on your real goals. 

This is the complete approach that will change, improve and optimize how you achieve your goals. 

You'll master your response to stress, keep yourself free of mounting fatigue, break through limiting mindsets about performance, reduce and or eliminate distractions, and take your health and performance not just a new level, but a whole new "tier"—the Second Tier. ne place. 

Finally, an Integrated Solution That Delivers All The Essential Lifestyle Courses You Never Learned, to Help You Improve Every Aspect of the Way You Live, So You Can Perform Better and Achieve Your Goals. 

“If you have felt frustrated, trapped, and without a motivational compass - John Allen Mollenhauer and the Performance Lifestyle team guide help you get moving - REALLY moving - in the right direction." — Doug Lisle Ph.D. Author, "The Pleasure Trap" True North Health, McDougall Wellness Center

 Performance Lifestyle Academy will help you Break the Cycle,  Fill in the Missing Links and Correct Course

  • Discover the essential strategies that will help you start managing your energy and begin sleeping like a pro. 
  • Identify the posture that keeps you grounded in the past vs moving move on from the weight of the past
  • Gain the confidence to break out of  vicious cycles with a complete "roadmap," laid out just for you
  • Master the habit of getting more done in less time, and no longer feel like life is unmanageable.
  • Learn the secrets on how to harness the state of flow and make it your new normal
  •     Lift the lid on what is actually driving
      you, so motivation is never an issue again
  • Implement the only true strategies that are proven when it comes to fueling your body right
  • Become an expert in cutting through all the unessential's in your life through streamlining and simplifying
  • Uncover the secret to living from the very best part of your self. The entire cost is worth on this point alone. 
  • Develop strong fundamentals on getting clear on the game plan for your business or your life

And Much More...

“Performance Lifestyle has the kind of message that will undoubtedly become the future of our society if we are to have any interest in being healthy. It emphasizes the health-promoting power of a good lifestyle while steering clear of the quick fixes and gadgetry that have mistakenly been promoted in the past. This is THE message for the future.”
— T. Colin Campbell Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry
Cornell University Chief Investigator of The China Project

Sign Up Now, and SAVE $2500 Plus 20 Years of Trial and Error

Your Path To Winning in the Next Phase or the Second Half of Your Life Starts Here!

Your Enrollment in Performance Lifestyle Academy Includes:

Manage Your Energy Course

  • 8 Live Webinar Masterclasses, on every aspect of a High Performance Lifestyle. 
  • Action Plans that can be customized to your situation and circumstances. 
  • Weekly ​Office Hours, to ask questions and discuss what you learned in the masterclass and are apply each week. 
  • Activity Feed to Interact, respond and post feedback and success with others on the same path
  • Graphical downloads for your quick-reference blueprint.  

Performance Lifestyle® Blueprint

  • The entire high performance lifestyle system in one place for quick reference that can also use to gain the support of others. 
  • Every Essential Lifestyle Guide, sectionalized and ready for you to insert content from your course. 
  • Space for notes as you go through masterclasses  
  • A solution that connects all the dots that will save you up to 20 Years or more,   
  • Annual, monthly, weekly and daily checklists of strategies to address your present situation. 

(this is a physical product that will be shipped to you)

Performance Lifestyle's "MyPL365" Community

  • A world-class environment that works on your cell phone and your desk top. 
  • Answer to polls and the responses from your peers that build certainty and confidence. 
  • Activity feed so you can learn from your lifestyle coach and others who are interested in the same results and transformation you are. 
  • Downloadable inserts for your blueprint. 
  • Year-round support for all aspects of a performance lifestyle. 
  • ​​Habit-reinforcing environment, that keeps you in the information flow, and your thinking on tract.  
  • ​Meet and learn together with others; like-minded impact driven entrepreneurs and leaders like you

"What John Allen is saying here is healthy, well-rounded and will enable you not only to decrease plaque-forming cholesterol leading to heart disease, dramatically but to take your life to a whole new level." Suzanne Steinbaum DO Director of Women’s Heart Health of Northwell Lenox Hill Hospital in New York New York Times Super Doctor
Fellow of the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association

What Performance Lifestyle Academy Clients Have to Say...

8 Week-Live Course
This is Where it Starts!

Discover the 7 Breakthrough Energy Discoveries and How to Get Them Working for You. Plus, the Lifestyle Guide that Links Personal Energy to Lifestyle Optimization

8-Week Live Course Beat Fatigue,  Double Your Energy Level and 
Become More Resilient Than Ever Before

-->> 69% of workforce report feeling fatigued, costing employers around $138 billion annually.

-->>It’s estimated that 75-90% of all doctor visits are due to fatigue and stress resulting in 663-795 million office visits a year.

-->>Fatigue and stress lead to numerous health problems such as chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, immune issues, cardiovascular disease, etc. The list goes on.

-->>In fact, low energy and high stress are the #1 cause of all disease, and this more than anything else will distract and hold you back, especially as we get older the gravity of even more responsibility kicks in. 

I’m guessing that this is probably not the first time that you’ve attempted to improve your personal and professional performance. 

If you've experienced symptoms that you don't want, like constant tiredness, exhaustion or fatigue, and you've turned to diet and fitness, weight loss and supplement regimens, as well as  seen various doctors, yet, you never seem to solve your actual problem; I want you to understand…

There’s a huge amount of misinformation and pseudoscience out there on the topic of energy, health and human performance; also a bias on biochemistry, psychology and physicality, but chances are they're not coming anywhere close to addressing the cause of your problem—your lifestyle and it's impact on your energy. 

So, it's likely not your fault, but it is your responsibility to resolve and evolve what's distracting and holding you back. 
Here's what is out there...
 ✔ “Energy pills” and so called “energy drinks” and stimulant based “solutions” which use stimulants that give you a false sense of energy for a few hours but over time, actually make your energy levels worse.

✔ Conventional doctors, who have four basic treatment options at their disposal: 

    1.  Antidepressants, 
    2. A recommendation to do basic aerobic exercise — 30 minutes of walking and stretching each day, 
    3. CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and 
    4. Stimulants as needed.
    5. Blood tests which have a 95% probability of not finding anything useful to help you

✔ Alternative and holistic and functional medicine doctors, the vast majority of whom are still operating in an outdated model of thinking, believing that fatigue comes from worn out adrenal glands and cortisol issues (“adrenal fatigue”), which is simply not supported by the scientific evidence.

And I am here to set the record straight. 

Our goal in this 8-week course is to teach what is really causing your fatigue, what are the real solutions to building a strong vital resilient body— a High Performance Body so you can become the person you’re meant to be, to do the work that you were put on this planet to do, and to LIVE – I mean truly LIVE – the life you are capable of. 

That’s the work that I really do. 
The reason I spent years creating the Performance Lifestyle Academy [MyPL365] and with a foundational course on how to manage your energy "like the pros," is because energy is the foundation of your ability to do what you’re here to do. 

What do I mean by that? 

Let me ask you something:

  • What do you love to do in life?
  • ​What are you passionate about?
  • ​What do you want to achieve in your life?
  • ​What's your big purpose in the world?
  • ​Who are you here to engage and serve?
Now, of course, I don’t know the specifics of your exact vision for what you want for your family, your clients, your industry and the world at large, but if your energy is low, meaning you're not feeling the zest and zeal you used to feel or want to feel,  chance are you're not going fulfill on your vision, or for long. 
Here’s what I do know…
  • As far as we "know" this is a one and done life we're living, as the person we are. It's not a dress rehearsal. 
  • ​Life is short, so do you really want to spend any of your time distracted and held back in any way? Probably not. 
  • ​Living the absolute best version of you, in a lifestyle that supports you fully beats anything to the contrary. 
  • ​You’re probably here to give your unique gifts to the world and want to do so. 
  • ​And if so, leaving a legacy behind through your ideas, business ventures or products by making the world little better than it was, is pretty cool. 
That's why you are here..

And if you care about all of that, then know this…

Chronic feeling of exhaustion and fatigue will suck the life out of all the things that you want to accomplish and achieve.

It's a life and dream killer and I have experienced this first hand myself and how it impacted everything from who I was to how I was in relationships and how I ran my business. 

My goal is to teach you how to manage your energy every day to not only to do amazing work in your career, and achieve the desired success in your business, but also to... 
  • Fuel your happiness in life
  • ​Be active, be adventurous, to experience more joy in your life
  • ​Have the energy left over to engage in other areas of life. 
  • ​To still have sex drive and passion in your relationships
  • ​To recapture your physical vitality, so you can keep up with your kids or grandkids

And all this depends on learning how to live at optimal energy levels.

This is why I have dedicated last 20 years of my life to studying and learning how to manage energy, it's affect on human performance, and the essential lifestyle strategies that without question affect every area of our lives. 

It's why in the last 12 years I have been obsessively developing the world’s most powerful science-based system for personal energy and lifestyle optimization. 

And it's why, I am so grateful and excited to share it with you through Performance Lifestyle Academy.

The Manage Your Energy Curriculum

Your health and happiness is governed by how well you manage your energy. The more
energy you have, you experience less pain, better sleep, better emotions, increased
endurance, strength & mental focus, and overall energy for life.

Each week, we will unlock a new set of strategies for beating fatigue, increasing your energy, and building a resilient body. We'll identify specific action steps you can take for implementing the strategies in ways that are guaranteed to propel you forward into the next phase or the second half of your life!  


Discover the other half of the Health and Performance story

What you never learned about personal power that makes every thing possible, including your life.


The Central Truth About Thoughts, Feelings and Action

Get a Firm Handle on What's Affecting Your Performance as a Human Being. 


Defend Your Cells Capacity to Produce Energy and Protect You  

Redefine what you eat most by the one class of nutrients that enables your cells to function fully


This Insidious Variable affecting All Health and Success Initiatives

You can't see it, but you can feel it and it can throw your whole existence out of balance. 


Stop falling for the Stimulant Delusion

Embrace the one feeling that changes everything for the better forever!


Begin the Practice of Proactive Recovery

Engage in this one practice and your lifestyle will dramatically improve with little to no resistance.


Take the Idea of "REM" to a Whole
New Level

Not only will your sleep improve,
Your ability to increase your energy
 will skyrocket.


Go Beyond Coping and Stress

From Stumbling Block to Stepping stone,
with this 
Approach, you’ll have way more
energy and 
less stress.

“John Allen's experience and his synthesis of the leading research in nutrition, fitness, and recovery is more than just a set of tools or a roadmap. It is the lifestyle those of us seeking success in all aspects of our lives are striving for.” — Barry Holman Athletes Without Limits
USA Triathlon Certified


The Performance Lifestyle® Blueprint is a visual, strategic tool to help you evaluate your present situation and circumstances and then get on a clear and defined path toward becoming a healthy high achiever who thrives. 
With every essential lifestyle habit and skill set built into this blueprint; this is the defacto formula for the high performance lifestyle that we should have all been taught while growing up. It ends the tyranny of the never-ending-guess work by putting it all together in one place for you without having to spend more time, money and energy figuring it all out by yourself. 

I created this blueprint based on the 20 years of my experience of teaching the performance lifestyle philosophy and learning how genuinely healthy, high-achieving people create the mindset and lifestyle habits needed to maintain their focus, free of the  distractions that hold most people back, increase performance and win, again and again.

And it will save you up to 20 years or more, especially when you get trained in each of the performance lifestyle skills. 
  • Less Overwhelm 
  • Clear Focus
  • ​Guaranteed Progress
If you ever wanted a science-backed, real-world, complete strategy for taking your energy, health and performance to a whole new level; that's not just “motivational”, “healthy” or “success-oriented,” but all three in a lifestyle habit-building system for achievers that integrates it all and more, into one lifestyle; it’ll soon be in your hands.

I'm talking about taking a significant step up in your life, and if you're in the second half of your work life, or life itself like me, you've got no time to waste. 

It's time to "get it and get on with your life, to get masterful about human performance and the lifestyle that makes "optimal" possible. Living your best Self, starting now! 

We've designed an entire year of world-class curriculum for you to optimize your lifestyle. This is the new foundation of your life, and the path for living your full potential that you take from theory, to practice to mastery!

"I learn something from John Allen every time I talk with him, that I
can quickly put it into practice, and my energy gets better each day."Dave Buck
CEO of


Life in today’s performance culture can be ridiculously hard. , especially when you don’t have the support you need to succeed. And it’s a lonely road when you try to change and improve on your own.
What makes it even more harder, is that when "THE HIDDEN LIFESTYLE CHALLENGES" are constantly distracting and holding us back from achieve our goals. 

Take a close look at your life, are any of the below in play for you?
And this is only twelve of the 31 one challenges! 

No matter what it is that you want to achieve in this life, unless these hidden challenges are resolved, it will keep you from getting there.
This is why the MyPL365 Community exists-to provide inspiration, education, and support [IES] to entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders like you; so that, guided by the right principles practices and lifestyle strategy, together as a group we can resolve our hidden challenges, evolve with the performance lifestyle mindset and skill sets needed to become an army of healthy high achievers who can say the way we're working is "working!"
Throughout the year we will be setting you up for a whole new tier of success with The 5 Core Essentials of Human Performance philosophy including how you develop a performance lifestyle that you can call it your own, and make sure your approach supports and realizes your God-inspired dream.
Using the performance lifestyle blueprint as a guiding tool, through your initial 8-week Manage Your Energy Course, each month as a community we will be focusing on one of the 12 Performance Lifestyle habits that enable you to live, your life, like a pro

In the Performance Lifestyle Academy and Community with people who are interested in the same results and transformation you are; you are getting a positive environment which is guaranteed to help you reap the benefits. 

You are not alone, you are on a clear path, and you will arrive with a lot of help from your new found friends.  

What's Included In The Performance Lifestyle Academy and Community

Deep Learning and Insights on Every Aspect of the High- Performance Lifestyle. 

A Year in the Life, Monthly Training, Weekly Schedules, Daily Habits.

Access to the 8-week live Manage Your Energy Like a Pro course 

Downloadable Lifestyle Guides to Build out your Performance Lifestyle Blueprint

Global network of impact driven leaders and professionals like you, travelling the same path.

Group Coaching with Pioneering Performance Lifestyle Coach, John Allen Mollenhauer "JAM." 

Online & Mobile Portal

Year Round Support

Don't just make this year your best year ever, make it the year that you begin living better than ever. 

Invest in the personal energy and lifestyle optimization system that has helped other achievers Live in Balance with Vibrant Health and Peace of Mind, while achieving even their most ambitious goals!

"I work with up to 200 entrepreneurs each year, and John Allen is outstanding. He is passionate, professional and committed to your success. Any client of John Allen will get results because he is a great coach!" —Chris Barrow Founder and Principal,  Business Coach

The Best Results for the Best Price

Normally, my company will sell this package for $3,499. But I want to reach more people so I have authorized a temporary price drop...

Limited Time Price:  $999

(save $2,500 as a founding member!)

You will (factually) not find this much value at this price point anywhere else!  In fact, I Guarantee it...

You Will DRAMATICALLY Optimize Your Lifestyle For Energy, Health And Performance And Transform Yourself Into The Energized Pro You Know You Can Be Or I'll Refund Every Single Penny You've Paid

If you complete the full year and participate in the program, and are not satisfied with the changes in your life I will offer a 100% refund on your investment.

Invest in Yourself and Your Future

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A few more words from our clients...

I just got back from the doctor. In the past year, I lowered my cholesterol by 30 points, increased my bone density by 8%, and lost a whole size. I increased my activity level to support my interests in outdoor activities, and I even straightened out some structural problems in my spine! I am stronger, more fit, and I don’t even feel like I’m doing much. Amazingly, I am really enjoying myself. What I am doing is totally sustainable and growing at a nice pace

- Jessie Hipolit

A Performance Lifestyle is a lifelong discipline that can build momentum, strength, and commitment. With a positive group of achievers who can be fun, accountable, and instructive, anyone can do it. There will always be new ideas, alternative methods, medicines, nutrition offers, and growing uses of technology that will have both positive and negative impacts on your health and lifestyle. Performance with MyTrainer is the resource and team to keep me at the leading edge of performance capacity

- Paul Hinderlang

I was fortunate enough to meet John Allen over a year ago. As a single mom who works fulltime, travels for my job, cares for my child and my home, and still tries to maintain a consistent workout and eating schedule, I was stretching myself to the limit, and it was showing. I have found that incorporating Performance Lifestyle principles into my daily living has paid off immensely and has given me a greater outlook and more energy to perform to my greater capacity. John Allen has given me a great gift that I will continue to pursue and refine with his input and oversight. John Allen can inspire just about anyone who is willing to listen, process and take some action and responsibility for their healthy living!!

- Heidi Katz

John Allen will show you the greatest lifestyle mindset and skillset strategy on earth as you create a performance lifestyle; the one thing. I highly encourage you take his teletraining series. You will not be disappointed

- Alex Mandossian
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