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Increase Your Energy, Again and Then Again..

Energy is the foundation of health and performance. When you use more energy than you recuperate, you can’t perform well - and you certainly can't perform at the top of your game.  MORE...
Are you low on power, stimulating your way through the day, drinking cup after cup of coffee, eating and working to the extreme to battle your persistent fatigue then crashing at the end of the day? That’s how you build up an energy debt that saps your body of its life force, leading to fatigue. 

In the PL365 training, you learn how to regenerate your life force energy from a performance perspective. In this coaching module we’ll discover how you will best produce more energy, increase your overall energy and achieve peak levels of energy when you need in most with a strategy, that we develop together, specific to your situation and circumstances.  

Improve Your "Fuel," and FREE Your Energy

Whole, Nutrient-Rich foods are essential to energy, health, and performance.  MORE...
If you are not eating up to 90% or more of your diet from whole natural foods, chances are you are actively creating food addictions, energy depletion, weight and health issues that will distract and hold you back. 

Are you hopping from diet to diet, trying to lose weight, maybe build muscle, and wanting to get free of various disease conditions, but find yourself trying to juggle macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fat), portions and wondering what will work amidst the industry-created confusion?   

In the PL365 training, you are learning how to end all the dieting tactics and build the way you eat around the cornerstone of optimal nutrition—whole nutrient rich foods. In this coaching module, we’ll dial this, the heathiest and most successful way to eat, into a strategy that works for your specific to your situation and circumstances. 

Develop Stability First, then Strength, and Power

A body that is fit for generating and regenerating the power it needs is essential to your energy, health and performance, so you 
can succeed amidst the physical and mental rigors of goal and life achievement .  MORE...
Building momentum through a structured but flexible fitness strategy that fits your present situation, is natural and focuses on preparing for events will inspire you to train and sustain a fit body. 

In the PL365 training, you are learning how to structure a training strategy that works for you, so you can activate and strengthen your body on a regular basis. 

In this coaching module, we’ll dial that into your performance lifestyle, and ground it in experience so that you never miss a workout again.  

Think, About What You Want

Your personal story has been developing since childhood and is connected to your ancestral history. MORE...
How you frame your story is a primary determinant of your psychological self-esteem, how others perceive you, how you experience your energy, and how well you perform.

Knowing how to change your story is the doorway to making the greatest and more important lifestyle change any of us can make and that’s living as what you really are, before who you think you are.  

In PL365 training, you learned the 5-part change you story process, that will work to change and improve any story about your life so you can project a real, yes optimistically learning personal and professional narrative that attracts productive and valuable relationships. 

In this coaching module, you can work on any of the influential stories defining and perpetuating in your life that are not taking you in the direction you want.  

Take Back What's Really Yours

Energy and time are your two most precious assets. They are both infinite and finite at the same time, so it’s important to manage these resources effectively to optimize your health, performance, and productivity. MORE...
Your schedule is key to your success and quality of life. You must on it or else it will own you because your schedule is about how you are interacting with people, places, events, and more in your life. 

In PL365 training, you learn that you need to manage both time and energy, not one or the other and that to manage your energy and time like a pro, you must be free of the distractions that hold you back such as an overwhelming, or unmanageable life. 

In this coaching module, you can process what’s going on in your schedule and check it again your purpose, mission, objectives, goals and vision.  

Steer Clear of Overwhelm No Matter What it Takes

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the numerous competing responsibilities flooding your life. The world is vying for your attention, and wants to occupy it, monetize it and sell it.  MORE...
Your attention, the energy and effort you put out in life is your greatest asset. Are you getting an return on your investment of energy or spending it all over the map, overcommitted? 

Change can be hard because it’s tied up in commitments, dependencies, relationships and familiarity.  
In PL365 Training, you learned that by streamlining and simplifying your life, you can minimize distractions and free up more energy, time, and space to live better and execute on your goals and that there was sequence to do this effectively.

In this Coaching module, you’ll identify what’s causing the overwhelm in your own life, and begin taking the key actions, with the confidence of a coach besides, to simplify your life and streamline for flow, efficiency, and productivity.  

Know Your Motivations Through and Through

At the most fundamental level, you are pure motivation. But without adequate energy to power your body/brain you can still end up sluggish. MORE...
What’s driving you? What’s keeps you going in the face of challenges and what’s keeping your going to the point that you are unable to stop yourself, or you’re constantly caught up.

In this PL365 Training you discovered, how to discover what motives are truly driving you and causing you to overspend your energy, and those drives that you can harness to put your energy into drive at a higher level.

In this coaching module, you’ll harness what’s driving you best and get into the practice of using your brain with precision, to stay in the zone for stay significant periods of time, and manage all external drivers from a position of objective clarity, giving you the ability to say either no, or yes and…

Discover What You Don't Know, You Don't Know

Many people rely on the power of their individual brains and personas to navigate the world. MORE...
But when you lose sight of the immense awareness you can access, share, and increase in genuine relationships with others, you limit your own potential.

In this PL365 training, you learned about how to expand your awareness and the stages of development to transcend but include previous levels of development, so you can remove resistance, and give yourself the larger perspective, and the lines of development you need to sustain and succeed.

In this coaching module, you will also gain new perspective on direct awakening, that will enable you to get in the state to be in right relationship with your brain and body—what we refer to as the greatest and most important lifestyle change, you’ll every make or ever can make.

You will also have the chance to face head on, your current stage of development and prepare for stepping up with no judgement.

Act on What's Actually True for You

Access to information and opportunity is greater than ever before in human history, but without a core strategy, it is ridiculously easy to be scattered in too many directions, leaving your energy diffused and ineffective.  MORE...

Learn How to Play

If you don’t know your objectives and goals and vision—and the difference between the three—then you probably don’t have a game plan for how to succeed. MORE...
You may have a general understanding of what you want to achieve, but to know your game and have a plan to succeed you need to go much deeper.

In this PL365 training you learned all the key elements of knowing your game for without knowing how you play your game and it’s tough to know how to achieve your goals, and you’ll do a lot of running around with minimal results.

In this Coaching module, you’ll take a step back and figure out what game you are playing, whether you actually know how to play, whether you want to play, and how you can win. Also, nothing will affect your lifestyle more than directly linking it to the game you are playing.

Acknowledge, You Can't Do it All Yourself And Take Action Accordingly

A lifestyle can only be successful if you have enough support to mitigate common setbacks and challenges.  MORE...
Lifestyle fundamentals themselves are supports, but few see establishing financial stability and a team to support you as a core essential of lifestyle, that must be deeply embedded in your overall lifestyle strategy.

In the PL365 Training, you learned how to build structural, functional, and relationship-based supports that empower you to unleash your full potential and operate in your strengths, so you can live with positive accountability and reinforcement because you are no longer solely responsible for everything.

In this Coaching Module, you will come to terms with the supports you have and those you don’t have in your life, and come up with plans to develop them. It will take time, a holistic understanding of your life or business situation, but know your gaps is solving half the problem.

Get In-Service, or Into Higher Levels of Service, Right Now

Few acts in life have the potential to build momentum faster than the intentional act of serving others.  MORE...
Service engages you and offers opportunities to learn and practice skills you can apply in your family and in your career.

In PL365 training, you learned the number one way to engage people that works almost every time, opening doors to serving that otherwise might never have opened.

In whatever you are up to in the world, you’ll delve into the greater good that inspires the work you do and increases your motivation and drive to maintain lifestyle / standards of excellence. When your lifestyle is ultimately linked to this, your purpose in the world will pull you forward.

In this Coaching module, you’ll come up with a specific strategy for engaging and serving others, for profit and not for profit scenarios while knowing that you are always going to get a return on your investment of energy.

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